Saratoga CERT, Quito/West Valley DivisionTentative Agenda:

-Activation of City of Saratoga CERT members

-CERT member identification, apparel and personal protective equipment required upon activation

-Contents of individual CERT member’s “GO” backpack

-The Disaster Service Worker volunteer (DSW-V) program, as administered by Cal OES

-Protections and benefits afforded by the DSW-V program and “Good Samaritan” laws

-Specific actions to be taken by CERT members after a major earthquake

For (i.e., follow-on) training sessions, the remaining discussion topics divided up as follows:

 A. CERT Incident Command 

      Establishing and operating a CERT Incident Command Post

      CERT emergency supplies (City of Saratoga caches)

B. Area hazards assessment

     Potential deployment of CERT’s after disasters and incidents other than a major earthquake

     CERT communications (general discussion)

C. Triage

     Establishing, manning and operating a field medical treatment area/site

     CERT and mortuary affairs operations

     CERT and Spontaneous Unaffiliated/Untrained Volunteers (SUV’s)

D. CERT and American Red Cross shelter operations

     CERT interaction with vulnerable community members

     CERT and displaced community pets

     CERT light search and rescue operations, plus discussion on leveraging/cribbing operations

E. FRS radio usage and communications protocol (detailed discussion plus hands-on training)

In attendance: Chuck Rader, Jessica Fullmer, Raji Lukkoor, Maggie Church, Sussane von Stern

Date: January 31, 2019

“Miserable” event is on for Sunday, Feb 03.

Talk to Emma (City of Saratoga) for a map with geographic boundaries for Quito/WV, Division between Quito and WV. Include the “island” between Payne and S of Latimer. Include Sunland Community.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, April 13 – Blossom Festival

July 28 – Car Show

Michael Taylor is retiring! Crystal Bothelio, the asst city manager, could be filling in for Michael.main features, schools, etc.

Stop the Bleed – on Sat, Feb 2

Ham Cram Test – on Sat, Feb 16

Is there a pandemic coming? Talk about what to do during a Pandemic.

CERT Academy Training schedule for Saratoga is available. Pick up print copies from Joan Pisani. SCC Fire Dept is offering many refresher CERT training programs.

Update from Chuck:

Chuck was in the Navy for 30 years, and worked with CA (FEMA, US public health services) on disaster preparation. Making available Navy or Marine Corps assets for civilian use. National Pharmaceutical Stockpile – strategic stockpile of pharmaceuticals throughout the United States – to be unlocked during pandemics – all administered thru US public health services – WV College is a shelter to be used as a staging point – a cache in Sacramento.


-Los Altos Hills civic auditorium: Mobilization training

-Bimonthly city wide mtgs

-Bimonthly training sessions

Red Cross will be coming on Feb 28– 3 hr classroom training in trailer – if certified, can work in RC shelters

Chuck will set up a “Shelter Exercise” in Marchin conjunction with Nikki Rowe Executive of SV Red Cross. Date TBD.

Thursday,April 25: Stop the Bleed training for Saratoga @ Pisani Trailer

5:30 – 7:00pm; 7:00 – 8:30pm; 16 students per session


Chuck has developed an ERP for Cox and shared it with other divisions to clone and use.

A higher level, plans-and-policy information to clarify, customize to each division, address local threats (earthquake, fires, flooding). More work is being done on the following topics:

-Pets: How to deal with stray and displaced animals?

-Black Tarp Operations: How CERT will deal with deceased in your medical treatment area

-Buddy System: Pair up during neighborhood assessment, treat victim, designate someone to stay with the victim, and move on

-Add an Appendix that adds the locations of the AEDs (defibrillators)

Next Steps:

Chuck’s update to be continued…

Next Mtg: Thursday, February 21 @ 6:30pm