New Agenda items:

  1. Event Update by Jessica

         –May Leadership Meeting

         –Upcoming Events/Trainings/Exercises

        –Quick Tips from Stop the Bleed and Fire Hardening Courses

  • Chuck Rader will cover:

(1) CERT identification, apparel and personal protective equipment required upon activation

(2) specific actions to be taken by CERT members after a major magnitude earthquake

(3) potential use of Saratoga CERT members after disasters and incidents other than a major earthquake

(4) City of Saratoga CERT caches

(5) “Go” backpack recommended equipment and items

(6) fundamentals of CERT incident command

If time permits, we may start covering:

  (7) establishment and operation of a CERT divisional incident command post (ICP)

In attendance: Jessica Fullmer, Raji Lukkoor, Peter Commandeur, Sussane Von Stern, Chuck Rader (Cox div guest attendee)

Date: April 29, 2019

Test FRS radios

Raji bought a new Motorola radio model T460

Today’s exercise was successful. Range was between Bucknall & Grimsby and Westmont & SubAcute hospital

Radio etiquette: Identify your name & affiliation

      Next Exercise: Call by phone first; then radio to check range

Maps: Marked out member homes

Laminate: San Jose Blurprint in downtown San Jose, Nikos Media in Milpitas, kinko’s

Chuck to call and ask for laminate with grommets pricing

Membership Recruitment: Attend a PEP class. Upcoming in Los Gatos on May 9; table at Rotary Art Show

Events Update:

-May 23 citywide CERT mtg at 5:30pm

-June 1 Campbell’s Annual Disaster Simulation Drill & Training exercise at Hamman Park, 10:00am – 4:00pm

-Saturday June 22: City of Saratoga CERT Shelter Simulation exercise @ Joan Pisani Ctr; time tbd

-Car show: on Sunday, July 28; need 2-3 volunteers per time slot, including set up and tear down

Chuck’s Update:

Means of Activation during a disaster:

-AlertSCC: text, cellphone and landline voicemail, email

-Broadcast radio: AM and FM channels – City of Saratoga 1610 kHz AM

Regular Broadcast KCBS 740 kHz AM

KFRC 106.9 MHz FM

KSJO 92.3 MHz FM

-Ham #: Hams operators will contact City EOC via the Ham network

Pre-activation response activation:

-checkout yourself, your family, your neighbors, neighbors at risk (special needs, elderly, alone)

-start your neighborhood assessments (unofficial)

-have a hand-held AM/FM band radio listening for messages

(Buy a radio with batteries and a crank)

Formal Activation deployment activities:

-Pre-identify teams (incident commanders)

-walk thru your areas of responsibility and note

-Establish Incident Command post and field medical treatment area: El Quito Park for Quito and Gardiner Park for WV (Chuck to talk to Chrystal about permission to use parks)

-Have a mini-cache at ICP; maintain cache in a caged area or area with chain link

Mini-cache contents: material to set up ICP, generators, medical supplies, tarps

General Comments:

Medical aspect of neighborhood assessment: Sect 6.1

Major structural damage

Ruptured gas lines

Major fire

Mass casualty situation

On secondary disasters, CERT will be activated to man shelters.

Action Item: Read thru the draft EOP.

Next Steps:

Chuck’s training update to be continued…

Next Mtg: Wednesday, May 22 @ 6:30pm mtg

Members to connect by phone for radio exercise at 5:30pm