The Saturday, 01 June 2019, joint City of Campbell Hamann Park CERT/City of Saratoga CERT 6-hour field training exercise to be held at the City of San Jose’s Marijane Hamann Park. Specific information is as follows:

The Hamann Park Division of the City of Campbell CERT organization has invited the City of Saratoga CERT organization to participate in an upcoming full-deployment, six-hour duration field training exercise. We will be fully integrated into the exercise, and will make up joint Campbell/Saratoga CERT participatory exercise teams. Hamann Park CERT is responsible for providing all role players for the exercise.

The exercise will be carried out on SATURDAY, 01 JUNE 2019starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m.

The exercise will be conducted both at and in the vicinity of the City of San Jose’s Marijane Hamann Park. Marijane Hamann Park is located  at the following address:  2747 Westfield Avenue; San Jose, CA 95128

The park is bounded by Westfield Avenue on the north, N Central Avenue on the west, Almarida Drive on the south, and HWY-17 on the east.The rally point for the exercise will be in the grove of trees just south of the park tennis courts, on the Almarida Drive side of the park next to HWY-17.

There is parking along all three streets (Almarida Drive, N Central Avenue, and Westfield Avenue) bordering the park perimeter.

Saratoga CERT exercise participants should be equipped with the following:   (1) your DSW volunteer identification tag issued by Lori McKenna (City of Saratoga staff)   (2) your City of Saratoga CERT vest and ball cap   (3) your CERT “go” backpack, with all recommended items included   (4) all of your CERT personal protective equipment (hardhats, gloves – work + medical, goggles, kneepads, N95 masks, etc.)   (5) your issued FRS radio…there will be follow up e-mail messages informing you of how the radio should be set up for the exercise

If you can participate, we would ask if you could please respond to this Eventbrite RSVP link:

This will insure that the Hamann Park CERT leadership knows exactly how many Saratoga CERT members will be participating in the exercise.

This will be a great learning experience for all exercise attendees. Campbell CERT is widely known throughout the Santa Clara Valley as having one of the most knowledgeable, well-organized, and professional CERT teams.